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Here you can find Demo versions of our Games and Programs which you can download to test them. If you also want a custom Game or a custom made Programm which will automate boring and repeating processes then contact us or configurate your game now.

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MeltDown Demo v. 1.0

MeltDown is our biggest Prject, its a postapocalyptical Third Person Shooter if you also want to play it you can download it here. But please notice that MeltDown is currently just a Demo if you notice Bugs etc please report them to us.


Simple Voice Bot

If you are to lazy to move your mouse to open windows play music or browse the internet you can download our latest project Chantal she is a Voice Bot which works like Alexa. We will add more features later if you want we can also customize this tool for you just contact us


Google Play Games

Check our our Mobile Games for example our SynthWave Runner Mobile Game whith super smooth gameplay and awesome gameplay mechanics. Later we want to add and produce more mobilegames.

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You want to have your own Third Person shooter like Meltdown ? thats no problem just customize it on our website

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