Why we need help ?

We have a lot of large projects like MeltDown which we would like to finish in the next years together with our community, you can also give us inspirations and new Ideas for it. MeltDown is not the only large project where we work on we also work on free to play mobile Games if you want to help us that we can release more new games and updates for our games then we would be very greatfull if you support us directly over paypal or over patreon.

Our Patreon Paypal

Our Free Mobile Games

We work alot on mobile games if you want to download and play them by yourself just click the foloowing link to check them out we would be happy to hear about your feedback that we can improof those games.


Free Demos

Download and Learn from our Free Learning Ressorces and Projects also test our Main Project MeltDown we would be happy to hear your feedback to improof our Games and Projects.

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Join our Free Newsletter to get more informations about us you can also customize the Newsletter for example you want more news about UE4 then just check the button and you will get you customized Newsletter every month.

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Create Games by yourself

You are here on the page to check out how you can support us. We are really happy that you search ways to help us thats why we also want to help you now. With the Code: NEOXSUPPORT2020 you will get 30% off your first Video Course. with our Video Courses you can learn how to create games or levels by yourself which will helps you a lot because you dont need to hire developers for your projects. this will also save you a lot of money.

Our Courses

Your Benefits when you Support us on Patreon

Get Free Content

Sometimes we will Share little projects with you where you can learn from them or you can also use them for your games. Those Projects are for Example little Maps or Inventory Systems etc


When you are a Patreon you will get monthly Discounts for our Online Courses or also for Game Development.

Discord Role

On our Discord Server you will get a special Role which allows you to enter and write in the Patreon Rooms

quick feedback

If you have questions regarding our Games or a course you are working on much quicker.

Playable Demos

Get Playable Demos for example from MeltDown faster also when the game is done you will get extra Missions and your name will be in the Credits of the Game

Get Updates faster

You will Get Updates regarding our Projects for example MeltDown faster

All Informations in a short Video

Become a Patreon

If you want to Support us and you also want to get
little free Extra Gifts then Sign up and get a Patreon.