Here you can find any kind of Software Solutions to solve your problems or to automate any boring repeating process this will save you much time and you have more time for stuff you like. those downloads are only free demos for testing if you want to unloack more features or you want new abilitys or custom software solutions please order them over our formular.

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Voice Bot

With our Voicebot you can control your pc with your voice. It works almost like Alexa, You can have a little smalltalk with the Bot and it can also help you searching stuff on google etc. The Possibilitys are endless.


Simple Automation Demo

This is a simple demo project which shows how our automation tools work and what you can do with it. if you want your custom progress automated thats no problem contact us and we will take care about the development of your Software.


Painting Programm

This is a little demo programm where you can paint and draw stuff. this should show you what is possible. If you want your custom programm then just contact us and we will discuss more about your requirments etc.

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About our Demo Versions

All those Downloads are Demo/ Beta Versions of the Product if you find any Bugs or even when you have ideas to improof those demos i would be happy when we could talk about the bugs and ideas that i can improof those demo versions.

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